Digital Advertisement Services

Digital Advertisements

Digital Advertisement services is very closely related to Digital Marketing Services. You can say it’s the opposite side of the Digital marketing coin. Through Digital Advertisement publishers can sell their inventories directly to advertisers or can sell to Google through AdSense, manage their ad placement and type of ad to offer for advertisement.
At Digital Gannet, we offer Digital Advertisement services with below-mentioned Ad types:

Display Ad

Display Ads are a rectangular banner ad of a specific size. Few popular banners are Leader board banner, Medium Rectangle Banner, Half Page banner, Skyscraper banner, Roadblock banner. There are lot more variations in normal display ad like Expandable banner which expands to a specific size for few second and then come back to its original size. Display banners can be embedded with video too, it’s called Masthead banner.

Native Ad Services
Native Ad

It is an Image and text ad which is embedded within the content of the website or app. Here ad resembles the publication’s editorial content but is paid for by an advertiser and intended to promote the advertiser’s product. This is very popular and perfect way to increase the traffic and brand visibility. People generally get good click through rate (CTR) upon advertising on this medium.

Video Ads Services

Video Ad

Video Ads are ads in video format which is either comes while streaming online videos (In-Stream video ads) or comes as a normal video ad. This type of ad is mainly offered by publishers who provide online streaming content like Hotstar, Voot, Yupp Tv etc.  Normal video ad can also be done on any publisher’s inventory.

Audio Ad Services

Audio Ad

Audio Ads are ads in audio format which majorly comes while streaming online music or radio websites or an app like Gaana, Saavn, Wynk. These ads are an alternative solution of Radio ads. One can get good brand recall upon advertising with Audio ads.

Advertorial Ads Services


Advertorial or Article is the sponsored content which is mainly used for the branding of any product or services. These types of an ad will be more effective while launching any new company or new product or service. Publishers who provide online reading content from various categories like News, Finance, Entertainment, Technology etc offer advertorial relevant to their category. It is important to note that as a condition of most publications, the term “advertisement" is mostly printed in small letters at the top or bottom of your article. Some newspapers or magazines choose to push these articles in special sections.

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